Tributes to Billy

Former Wolves and England star Ron Flowers said, "Billy was a shining example. Although even then established as England's captain, and one of the great names in world football, he was always full of enthusiasm. When you trained or played with him - as I did from the age of 17, it felt that here was a man upon whom you wanted to model yourself. Because of his own efforts Billy made all of us young players appreciate that there is no short cut to success on the football field. He worked hard and he taught us to work hard too. Every player had respect for Billy."

The late great George Best said of Billy, "With the passage of time it is easy to forget just how idolised he was. He really was the David Beckham of his day; even marrying a member of the 1950s Spice Girls equivalent - one of the Beverley Sisters."

PFA chairman Gordon Taylor OBE said, "I am always delighted to see formal recognition given to great players and great people like Billy Wright. I knew him well and had the very highest regard for him. I would be happy to provide my support for a posthumous knighthood."

Former Manchester United manager ‘Big Ron’ Atkinson told me, “I was a boy signed to Wolves in the 1950’s when Billy was at the height of his career. One day I did a TV commercial with him for Bic Biros, I played the part of an autograph hunter. Let me tell you something about Billy Wright. Billy was a 'phenomenal footballer', absolutely phenomenal AND he was an 'even better' bloke.”

Sports journalist and author David Instone said, "Sir Jack Hayward famously referred to his great friend as 'England's finest footballer and gentleman.' How can any of us top such a lovely epitaph?"

The Rt. Hon. Rob Marris MP said, "I think it is a great shame, to put it mildly, that Billy Wright was never knighted in his life."

TV actor and comedian Bobby Davro said, "I am a Spurs fan, but Billy was a fantastic player. I don't know if a knighthood can be given to someone in these circumstances, but if it is possible then I would certainly applaud a knighthood for Billy Wright."

Ron Headley, former Worcestershire and West Indies international cricketer, son of the legendary international cricketer George Headley and father of England cricketer Dean Headley said, "My father played cricket with Billy and when I was a teenager I saw him play for Wolves many times. He was an amazingly consistent player of the very highest standard… world class. I would be pleased to give my support for a posthumous knighthood for Billy."

The late Derek Dougan, the former Wolves and Northern Ireland captain, and the former chairman of the Professional Footballer's Association and of my own sports agency told me, "Wolverhampton Wanderers was the team I sometimes saw on TV when I was a teenager in Belfast. Billy Wright was a legend by then and a real inspiration to me… It was the great performances of Wolves under Billy's captaincy in the 1950's that attracted me to sign to the club in 1967."

TV actor and comedian Shane Ritchie, a lifelong football fan said, "Billy Wright was a hero to a whole generation, a true legend, I think it would be tremendous if he could be honoured with a posthumous knighthood and I would certainly give my support."

Italian manager Roberto Landi, the former head coach of the national teams of Georgia, Lithuania, Qatar and USA said, "As a boy in Italy, I was aware of England's great Billy Wright. Now that I have learned what he achieved in his career I am amazed. I support the proposal."

Former Wolves forward Mel Eves, who also played for England under Sir Bobby Robson said, "I knew him well, his record was impeccable, he was a true giant of football. I would certainly support the proposal to have Billy honoured with a knighthood."

The Rt. Hon. Philip Bradburn MEP (Member European Parliament) said, "I would be more than happy to support the proposal of a knighthood for Billy Wright."

The Rt. Hon. Ken Purchase MP said, "I was fortunate too see Billy play, he was tremendous and a real gentleman too. Although he was only 10 stones in weight, he was 10 tons in a tackle. It's a wonderful idea, I am not sure if there is a precedent for a posthumous knighthood, but he deserves a knighthood and I will speak to the Prime Minister."

Billy Wright CBE

David Beckham on receiving his 100th England cap in March 2008
expressed his tremendous pride at joining Billy Wright.

Many players, club chairmen and fans have also given their support for Billy to receive a posthumous knighthood.